About me

Hi, my name is Andrea Sartor and I am a registered HCPC Counselling Psychologist in England and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. Most importantly, I am someone who can help and support change during the toughest times in your life. I am here for you and you don't have to face life challenges alone.

I am originally from California and trained to become a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist while I was living in San Francisco. When I moved to London I transferred my Marriage and Family Therapist License, my credentials, and all of my experience to the Health and Care Professions Council and they registered me as a Counselling Psychologist. I am also a certified yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance and I do use yoga philosophy and mindfulness teachings within my psychotherapy practice. I also offer psychometric testing and assessments for adult ADHD. 

Work experience

I have over fifteen years of working in the mental health industry. My experience includes study, evidence-based research training, and clinical practice consulting clients of all ages with various needs and different backgrounds. I have been blessed with the opportunity of working as a therapist and a psychologist in two countries and spent the last three years living in United Kingdom and working in London to build up my private practice.

I have lived in London since 2017 and have spent the first two years working with inpatient and outpatient clients at The Priory hospital in North London and at the Priory Wellbeing Centre on Fenchurch street in Central London.

I've branched out on my own since 2019 and have built up a successful online private practice. 

I am registered with numerous professional bodies, including the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC, PYL 35436) and the Board of Behavioural Science of California (LMFT 103929). I went to school in Salt Lake City Utah and attended a private liberal arts college to earn my BSc degree in Psychology and then went to a private college to obtain my MSc degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. After college, I moved to San Francisco California, and trained to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Articles I have been featured in