How I can help

I help adults who have been struggling with answers to some of life’s difficult questions and frustrating situations. Through therapy, I work with clients to find hidden meaning and then give them practical skills on how to improve. I have a passion for working with the expat community and helping professionals who are struggling with depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

I create a safe and supportive space for people to explore their past and uncover the underlying patterns that impact their lives. Life brings so many ups and downs and you do not have to go through this alone. My goal is to help people make changes in their lives which will result in a positive impact on their life’s journey.

No matter what the issues you are bringing to therapy, I can provide a compassionate and understanding environment to help you pave a path of growing and healing. I offer a safe space to work with individuals through life stress, transitions, painful experiences, & overall wellness.

Working through life challenges can be difficult and I aim to empower clients and create a safe non-judgemental space for process and change to happen. In my practice, I have worked with many clients of various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.